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Hey lovely people!

We want to share some exciting news with you!

In less than 9 months, Geekle hit 50,000 users and keeps growing by about 200 users every day!

And it’s not about us, the new reality clearly needed a new format of self-education for software developers, and we’re honored to be in the avant-garde of this change!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us!

Hello Medium!

Ed from Geekle here.

Geekle team working on Global NodeJS Summit, May 2020

We are building a worldwide community of developers, and organize global tech Summits. We’ve already organized 6 online Summits in 8 months, with a total of 50,000+ people registered.

In the events industry, people are so used to knowing each other in person. Global online events gather thousands of people, and therefore feel very impersonal. Thus, communication is key, in every step.

Now, there were several mistakes that we made in the organization of our events. …

Hello Medium!
My name is Ed Nedin, I’m the founder and CEO of Geekle.

I want to share the story of Geekle, our events, and a message of the power of the community.

A few people from Kyiv Frontend Community, February 2020, creating MVP of Geekle webpage for meetups

Ed Nedin

Geekle founder and CEO

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